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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Felted squirrel

Here is the squirrel I needle-felted for my Dad for Christmas. He has newly become a squirrel collector. Somehow my needlefelting supplies wound up in my suitcase on our trip to my folks' for Christmas. It started out as a running squirrel, but looked terrible, so he turned into a sitting squirrel and is much happier. Its Icelandic wool and about 6" tall. Now I know that most squirrels are grey, but that's ok. Maybe the next one will be grey.

Its one of my first animals and was much fun. Thanks to the felters list for sharing ideas !!! And to Kathy Barger for inspiration as well : )


  1. That is so cool! I haven't tried needle felting yet as I am afraid that my lack of artistic ability will result in something that looks like a kindergarten project - you know, your child brings home a picture and you say "what a nice dog" and your child replies "no, that's a picture of you, mommy!" Yours definitely looks like a squirrel!! Congrats!

  2. Thanks for looking at the squirrel. My dad had a huge file of squirrel pictures for me to look at. Someone on the felters list suggested looking at lots of pictures, so presto.
    Its funny because the squirrel was more on the kindergarten side until I changed it to sitting, fun.
    Happy day !!

  3. I saw your posts on the list about the squirrel. It is great to see the finished nuteater. He came out great.