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Here are a few skeins of our yarn hanging up. It was processed by Custom Woolen Mills in Alberta. They use very simple processing methods without any harsh chemicals, so no irritating residues.

This is 100% Shetland wool. It is pretty fine, with 333 yards per 4 ounce skein. The colors are all natural, in white, moorit/brown and charcoal. Overall, its pretty soft. I have knit hats out of it and its been great for that. Our 3 y.o.son has a sweater knit from the white (dyed in greens) that he is very comfortable with. Wool is just the best for chilly days !!

The yarn sells for $10/skein for 1-4 skeins, $8 for 4 or more.

Here is a needle felted squirrel that I made my Dad for Christmas last year. They actually let me pack felting needles on the plane !! In my luggage of course : ) It shows the moorit color really well.

Here is a collection of hats I've made over the years ...