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Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is M & M. She is an Icelandic ewe. The lambs are either Shetland X or BFL X. They were too busy too look up, I guess.

Here is the Icelandic X lambs. Its hard to see the black one. They were tuckered out from playing out of the jug.

Here is the Icelandic, and either Shetland or BFL cross lamb. You can see the brown spots on his face, plus he has a big brown splotch on his neck.

First Lambs

Well, lambing started 5 days earlier than expected when Rekja lambed at midnite Friday. Thankfully my dd was out checking the new chicks and heard her bellering. She is an Icelandic ewe that was, well, high capacity. She looks pregnant most of the time. The first lamb came out ok but the second was stuck and dh helped her out. he thought the lamb was stuck on its wool ( ? ).
When I went to record it in the sheep book I was reminded that last fall we noticed the late July ram lamb riding a few ewes on the day we separated everyone for breeding. Yikes !!! The ewes intended was our new BFL ram, Ramses. We wanted to try the crossbreeding in an effort to get a more saleable lamb. So a Shetland cross was not what I wanted !!

Then when I got a good look at the lambs, I got to wondering what really happened. These lambs have sticking up ears, yet Shetland/Icelandic coloring. Especially since the ewe is white, and Ranses is white, I kindof expected white, y'know. Rekja usually has a black and a white lamb anyway.

Take a look at this lambs nose, he has wrinkles on it. Is that a BFL thing ? But how does the white with a big brown neck splotch fit in ? Could it be a three way cross ? The other twin has super thick, soft wool, very curly and thick. He is black so I can't tell the wrinkles or not.

The next day the other Icelandic ewe lambed and hers look more like a regular Shetland X Icelandic. Let me know what you guys think !!! They are all rams.