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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nugget - yarn namesake

Here is a picture of dear Nugget. It was just after sundown so it came out a bit dark. The next nice day Timmy and I will go out and take some fresh pictures. I'm hoping to catalog all the sheep on my blog so people can look at them if they want to buy any fleeces in March.

processed yarn

wow, I've been knitting with some of the Shetland yarn that arrived from the processor just before Christmas, yes, it was a nice Christmas present, all 22 pounds of it !!! Its made from some of my favorite sheep, Nugget, the bottle lamb we kept as a wether, Lacy, Cody-our first lamb born here that we kept for a ram for many years, and a few other whitish lambs that have passed through here.
I am calling it "Montana Nugget", after dear Nugget. I've been working on mittens for Timmy and am now on my second pair. Hopefully I'll be able to make some that fit soon. I'm using the 'Homespun, Handknit" book, which has a nice simple pattern called "Family Mittens".
If anyone is interested, I would sell a few skeins. Its in 4 oz skeins, about 333 yds/skein. 2 ply spun on an old fashioned spinning mule from Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs, Alberta.