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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sheep for sale

Too many sheep, not enough grass. It's time for a major flock reduction here. Since we started crossbreeding the Shetland ewes to BFL ram for market lambs we don't have enough grass for them all.
Plus I got 3 replacement ewe lambs from last Fall's breeding. These are purebred Shetland ewes that all have been born and raised here. Its a little atypical to breed for length and depth, but much more productive.

The ewes being sold are not culls, they are all productive, healthy sheep. Age varies from 3 - 8. All ewes sell with twin lambs alongside. Lambs have been banded on tails and testicles. The tails have fallen off. Except one late lamber which we havn't gotten too yet.

We have always bred for depth, length and productivity, with nice wool naturally following. All the ewes have long staple wool, still soft and processes up beautifully. All the ewes have lambed on their own. Once in a while I have to loosen an elbow on these xbred lambs if I'm around.

Price, I'm not sure how to price them. My idea is to sell a group of 3 ewes, 2 young ones and one older one, with lambs for around $800. Hopefully that's not too low. I see that the list is half older ewes and half younger. So a bunch with older ones will be a bit less. The lambs will pay them off in the Fall. I am negotiable on them also, preferring they go to an experienced shepherd. Total ewes to sell is 6.
Hershey - 7 year old with twins
Laura - 7 year old with twins, unbanded ram lambs
Clara - 3 year old with twins
Ginger - 2 year old with twins
Oreo - 2 year old with single
Skittles - 6 year old Shetland/Icelandic with twins. An amazing producer, her dam(Icelandic) has been our top producer in lamb weights, Skittles is quite round in the rib cage and less deep.

 White ewe in top photo is a 3 year old, Clara. She is doing an amazing job with her twins. One is almost her size already.

 Brown headed ewe with lambs behind her is 7 year old Hershey, one of the older ewes.

This black headed ewe is 2 year old Oreo, she is the only one who had a single. Packages including her will be less $.

Skittles with lambs.