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Saturday, September 20, 2008


On Thursday I had a chance to pick some chokecherries at last. The season is about over for them, I think. Usually the bears and birds have gotten them all by Labor Day. This year must be a bumper crop. It was interesting to observe the bushes where I was picking. The first bush was along my friends driveway, in a sort of windbreak of many different bushes. The berries were pretty ripe, not real full along the branch though. And the strands were only about 2 berries thick.

Then this huge propane truck started up her driveway, so I had to move the van so it could get by. I picked a while more, then the propane truck came by again on its way out. So I just drove down the road a bit to a big shed on their ranch. Right along the fence was a lone chokecherry bush. It was loaded beyond normal loading with chokecherries ! Each strand of berries was a huge handful. In no time my bucket was full enough and I headed home.

This made me think about how us people are. How much we often struggle against loneliness and want to be with our friends. The bush that grew in a group was way less productive than the loner. Plus the lone bush had a stronger trunk from weathering the weather (so profound !!) than the one in the windbreak. I was encouraged to think about gathering strength during alone times, instead of struggling against loneliness. I think there is a difference between loneliness and being alone.

I usually like being out by myself with the critters, rubbing my sheepies chins, watching the piglets play, harvesting the garden and such. The times I struggle with loneliness are usually when self pity is knocking at my door. Thankfully at times like this, I can remember my friend Jesus, who sticks closer than a brother. Not that i always remember, sigh.

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  1. Hi , I just stumbled by your blog, and saw that you have sheep!
    what breed do you have? We have Dorsets.thanks
    check out my blog to get to know me better!
    Pudu Girl John 16:33