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Friday, May 27, 2011

hoop house !!

Here is what our new and revised cattle panel greenhouse looks like.
It is about 15' x 27'. Hopefully one day the wind will quit blowing and we can get the plastic on.
The cattle panels have their own curved shape that wants to sproing out straight. With the front wall being set up for a wind-up area for the plastic, we needed some good structure to keep the panels from pushing out straight. If we could have found the 20' panels we wanted, it would have been simpler. The door is on the east side, and we'll make some sort of window on the west end.

Hopefully I'll get some curtains made from this rowcover material so I can snug things up when a chilly night threatens. There are several tomato and pepper plants waiting for their new home. I think I'll direct seed the zucchini. Tonight I started a few seeds of Kazakh Melon. Its from Kazakhstan and should be suitable for short seasons !!

Plus I have a randow arrangement of row covers made with Agribon 30. One started out with wire wickets to hold the row cover up. The cats made short work of that, so I put in some small rebar hoops that we had. Another is a small Caterpiller Tunnel, the others are rebar hoops with row cover on them that is gathered and staked at the ends like the Caterpiller Tunnel. Then there is the patch of carrot and lettuce seeding that just has the rowcover 'dirted in' along the sides.

As you can guess, the row cover is new and exciting to me. A month ago when we had 24 degrees, the row of small broccolis under 2 layers of rowcover were cosy at 36 degrees !!

Inside the Caterpiller tunnel. The 4H kids practiced transplanting and got the lettuces and such planted !!

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