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Friday, March 11, 2011

Thinning Broccoli

Wow, stunned by the images from the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Just thinking about all the turmoil in people's lives today that wasn't there yesterday. Coincidentally I was watering the onion, broccoli and cabbage seedlings for this summer's garden. The land that got Tsumani'd may not be the best for gardening for awhile. Then noticed how the broccoli and cabbage need thinned a bit, so I pinched off a few from each part of the 6 pack. Absentmindedly I set the thinnings aside on the counter, then realized that they would be potential food in Japan, so I tasted them. Just bit the top leaves off and found out they were yummy !!

There is potential treats, onion thinnings, a bit of parsley and celery, topped off with broccoli sprouts. If only I could send a few trainloads to Northern Japan !!!!

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