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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yikes, -17 degrees this morning !! Thankfully we had to reschedule shearing for this Sunday from 2 weeks ago. The sheep would have really wanted their coats back on today. Shearing is always an interesting time. I get to see the condition of the sheep and see how the feeding has been going. Plus its always fun to see the fleeces. Plus it will be interesting to see how preggers the girls look. All 16 ewes were with a ram, so it could get pretty busy come April. I am excited and a bit anxious about the Shetland x BFL lambings. Hoping and praying for the right preparedness and smooth lambings.

Thankfully the temps this weekend are supposed to be in the 40's, hopefully that means a warming trend.

After shearing is done, I plan to get the greenhouse going. Someof the seedlings inside will want to get into some real dirt pretty soon. There is Bok Choy, parsley, 3 kinds of lettuce, 3 kinds of tomatoes, plus thyme and savory. This weekend I'll probably start a zucchini and cucumber plant for the greenhouse.


  1. Hi Jean,
    I found you blog through the shetland sheep yahoo group. Please come over to take a look at mine. I know what you mean about mittens! I think I need that book. Your sheep a beautiful, and your yarn is lovely. Where did you have your yarn processed? Your farm and family sounds similar to mine. I keep the blog farm and fiber related as much as possible but occasionally you will find other ramblings there.

  2. How does one find out more about purchasing a fleece from you? I love spinning shetland but have not found a local source for fleece.

  3. Hi Jean - nice blog - Yikes -17 degrees and we thought we had it cold here in the Pacific NW! Check my blog for how we kept everybody warm :-)

    I'm going to try your squash soup - looks good and it doesn't have a bunch of wierd spices in it.

    Talk to you later - looking forward to seeing pictures of all your fleeces! T.